Check-in and Check-out
- Check-in : from 3:00pm
- Check-out : until 11:00am

* Please inform us in advance in case you arrive late or later than 1:00am.
* Please inform us in advance for early check-in and late check-out.

Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Hotel
- When the guest conducts a manner which creates disturbance that annoys other guests.
- When the guest does not refrain from prohibited actions such as smoking in bed.
  Smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms.

- The guest shall register name, age, address, occupation.
- Except for Korean nationality, a copy of passport is necessary.
  (passport number, port and date of entry in Korea, estimated time of departure)

Damage and Lost Items
- We have the right to charge for any damage done to your room during your stay or for any items
  that are missing when you leave.
- We are not responsible for lost items. Please ask the front desk to keep your valuables.

Booking and Cancellation
- Upon completion of your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  Please show this e-mail to the front desk when checking in.
- Changes to reservation dates can be made by e-mailing us 10 days before your initial reservation date.
- Room rates are subject to change according to the season.
- Cancellation Policy
  cancellation on arrival date or non-arrival: no refund
  cancellation 2 days prior: 50% refund
  cancellation 5 days before: 80% refund

Sharing Beds
- Children (age 2-5) may share beds with their parents. (only one child per room)
- Additional 20,000KRW will be charged for additional pillow, blanket, and towels.

Visiting Friends
- Please inform us in advance if you have any visiting friends.

Office Hours
- Front Desk : The front desk closes at 1:00am, but you can still contact the manager.
  The manager room is attached to the reception.
- Entrance Door : The entrance closes at 1:00am, but you can enter with the digital lock code
  that will have been provided at check-in.

Facility Usage Regulations
- Please refer to the notes posted next to each facility on the premises.
- The guest shall observe the regulations established by the hotel,
  which are posted within the premises of the hotel.

Pets are not allowed.