S I N G L E ₩ 70,000
D O U B L E ₩ 90,000
T W I N ₩ 90,000
TR I P L E ₩ 120,000

* Room rates are inclusive of V.A.T.

* Room rates are subject to change according to season.

Only on the arrival of a confirmation e-mail is your booking finalized.

Please show the confirmation sheet to the front desk at check-in.

* Check-in from 3:00pm

* Check-out before 11:00am

* Cancellation Policy

  cancellation on arrival date or non-arrival: no refund

  cancellation 2 days prior: 50% refund

  cancellation 5 days prior: 80% refund

* Please inform us in advance if you are arriving late or if you want to change your reservation date.

* Sharing Beds : Children (age 2-12) may share beds with their parents.

  20,000KRW will be charged for an additional set of pillow, blanket and towel.

See also Terms & Conditions.